“Not A Hand Out, But A Hand Up”

Since Pantry Plus of Seneca County was formed on Sept. 21, 2011. We have helped 100’s of Seneca County Families by providing them with food.

How Do I Quality For Food:

The Federal Government sets income guidelines that are posted at the Pantry Plus office and if your entire household families income is less than those amounts  you will quality to receive food. You can receive food from us once a month and the amount you receive is based on the number of people in your household. Each time you come to the Pantry you will need to bring a picture ID, proof of your current residence (utility bill  or rent receipt). On your first visit you’ll need to provide the names and Date of Birth of each person who lives in your household along with proof that they live with you. This proof can be a birth certificate, school shot record, school ID or piece of mail with their name and address on it.


Other Services We Provide:

We do an annual Thanksgiving and Christmas bag of food giveaway. We also administer a monthly Senior Box Program for the Fostoria area residents. To qualify for that program you must be 60 years old and you can apply through the West Ohio Food Bank website at http://www.wofb.org  You can also pick up an application at Pantry Plus and send it into the West Ohio Food Bank. We also work with the Fostoria Kiwanis Club on a Back to School Shoe Program the first week of August. We do two huge bulk food giveaways each year at the Tiffin Moose Family Center. One in January and the other in August. Check our website and watch area newspapers for all the details.

How Do I Qualify To Use Pantry Plus Services:

1: Bring Picture ID (Driver License).

2: We need the date of birth of each person in the household along with proof of residence. This can be a piece of mail, birth certificate, school shot record or school ID.

3: Must live in Fostoria zip 44830 or within Seneca County Borders.

Household     Yearly       Monthly      Weekly

Size                income       income      income

1                    $23,539      $1,961          $452

2                    $31,859      $2,654          $612

3                    $40,179      $3,348          $772

4                    $48,499      $4,041          $932

5                    $56,819      $4,734          $1,092

6                    $65,139      $5,428          $1,252

7                    $73,459      $6,121          $1,412

each additional person

$8,320          $693               $160

How Do I Quality For The Senior Box Program

The State of Ohio runs a monthly senior food box program through the West Ohio Food Bank in Lima. Pantry Plus is the pick-up point for Fostoria residence who are signed up for the box program. Our box pick-up day is the 3rd Tuesday of every month and from 12pm to 2pm.

If you would like to sign up for the box program waiting list just pick up a form at the Pantry Plus office.

After you fill out the form if you have questions this is the contact person:

Nicole Rainsburg

Senior Box Program Coordinator

West Ohio Food Bank

P.O Box 1566

Lima, Ohio 45802-1566

Phone: 419-222-7946    Fax: 419-222-2232